**Comrade_Y=a militant ex-homeless comrade passed away…

*Comrade_Y=a militant ex-homeless comrade passed away…

anytime, anywhere, they suddenly come and destroy the things in sight of us without any hesitations. ja, prepare to defend ourselves on this twilight, resist!
Nightmare of the night being produced by them suddenly comes, Also they force us various darkest nightmare. ja, i know.
Optimists say…even if the nightmare of darkest night has come in sight of us, the night might turn into the morning, if there is the sun forever…however… The morning after the darkest night is not ours. Ja, unfortunately, the morning will not come for each of us!
So, we must rise our fists up & take the arms, also make some rebellions before their darkest night.
…or…they will suddenly come and destroy the things in sight of us without any hesitations, further, they will force their tyranny on us.

Comrades & affinities;

Saluton from o$aKKKa, an western part of japnese islands. On this morning(22 aug 2014) at 10:27, an ex-homeless comrade named “comrade_Y” passed away at a hospital in hirakata-city, a north-east suburb of kawachi-area, osaka-pref.(the area is well-known as an ex-reservation of pekuche refugee. Pekuche was a ruined ancient kingdom in korean pen. Also, that area has a grave of anti-invading rebel-heros in touhoku-region named “tomb of Aterui & Mole” against ancient japnese imperial state. They finally captured & punished by violence of imperial state.) He got serious cancers on his body from at least jan 2013.(rectum, langs) he was a leader of homeless community=utsubo park tent village in utsubo park by the community’s last, an western area of osaka city by the end of jan 2006.(ja, you might know as a famous anti-eviction struggle at this park, a film of the struggle named “public blue” by german/english speakers) He was so militant when fighting against the city authorities and the polizei-bastards. On jun 2008 at kamagasaki(biggest daylabors’ town in japnese islands) in osaka, last militant riot/resistance on these islands against the brutal polizei named nishinari police office/riot polizei happened, also he did the right things against the polizei-bastards. So, foxy o$aKKKa gestapo arrested his body to the osaka prison. after he sent to the kakogawa jail(about 100 km long distance area from osaka), for over 2.5 years, he had to be jailed by law authorities/gestapo as a political prisoner of “ultra-left violent group-Black Helmet Brigade”.(only there is a group in THEIR selfish dream.) After releasing from the kakogawa jail, he continue to engage in homeless support efforts in osaka city(kamagasaki, nishinari park, eastern suburbs of osaka city), even sumida river side in tokio, anti-nukes action against the pro-nuke electric power ltds like the KEPCO. however…
On nov 2012, he felt some troubles on his abdomen & his mental. On dec 2012, when he went to hospital on foot, doctor noticed him about big suspicion of his large intestines/rectum cancer. On feb 2013, he went to second hospital named kansai-ikadaigaku-fuzoku hospital on foot, he fiercely resisted against his doctor and refused all inspections/blood test like the CT/MRI… On that time, i had to apologize to his doctor, however, he could not apologize to his doctor. So, i had to ask his doctor about how could he choose another ways. Then, the doctor recommended him to ask about other good hospital for his canser, also the doctor recommended him to visit to “H hospital” in hirakata city.
On end of mar 2013, he went to third hospital named “H hospital”, and his doctor decided to begin to feed him some kinds of medicines for weakenning/destroying his cancers from apr 2013.
On late aug 2013, he got the operation on his rectum. After 10 hours of his operating time, the doctor could get rid of his rectum cancers and other concerning areas(lymphatics, lymph grands) on his body…but, doctor confessed me after the operation with putting his rectum on my hands:

we did the best as much as possible, however, only we could evict about 10% of his cancers. …ja, only 10 %.
for, his cancers were too strong to get rid of all of them and were unvisible(at that time, an area of his important nerve cells around the rectum already surrendered) …so, he must continue to get some kinds of medicines for weakenning/destroying his unvisible cancers. sometimes, he trashed so many medicines for destroying his unvisible cancers…so, i strongly say to him to stop doing like this, even if the medicines are not tasty. These his doing made his unvisible cancers happy, and “they came again without any hesitations after some months”. However, he could eat without any restrictions again.
On nov 2013, he was released from any kinds of “medicines for destroying his unvisible cancers”. That time, he was so happy…but…
On early feb 2014, he got the influ, and doctor decided his short admittance to the hospital.
…then, on late mar 2014, he got a hernia. On mid of apr 2014, doctor discovered some cancers on his langs. So, doctor decided to feed the strongest “medicines for destroying his visible/unvisible cancers” to him. On the same days, his violent doing to the helpers got so fierce again. Though, his immunity was so weak, he could not ask his shopping to the others because he wanted free…however, he could not carry so heavy baggage to his room on 2nd floor. So, he always forced helpers/me to follow his long time shopping, and forced helpers to carry so heavy & many fresh-foods to his room on 2F with stair, and also blamed helpers’ doing every times without any thanx. Maybe, those doing were last his selfish in his life.
On the end of jun 2014, his lang-cancers did not get better than before. So, doctor stopped feeding his medicines for his cancers.
On jul 2014, some helpers found some bloodstains on the floors of his toilet/in his room. So, the helpers asked him about them why bloodstains dropped on his floors, however, he did not reply about them.
…and a few day after, he mentioned about: something wrong or pain on his hip. Also soon he always lapped his hip by bloody bathtowel. On about second week of july 2014, helpers found when he took the piss, his urine included many % of bloods. Soon of then, he often took the piss directly on his floor…so, helpers set the waterproof seats near his bed on his floor. When helpers persuaded & brought him to the hospital at night time(after 17:00) of friday, doctor scanned his bladder and urine-test…etc, and doctor said: a week after, you can hear about details of your situation of your bladder.
Also I saw when he took the piss directly on his floor, blood & gel-bloods spreads widely on his floor. So, i tried to call 119(emergency call number), he strongly rejected it and fiercely blamed me about my “fuckin’ stupid action”, in spite of it, i tried and tried to persuade him to go to the hospital, however, he strongly rejected about it. so, that time, finally i could not call the ambulance for him.
On 18 jul 2014, when he went to hospital for CT-scan, he got first aid to his bladder, and soon, directly brought his body to the bed of the hospital. This was the last admitance to the hospital of his life and was farewell to his room forever…
…from that time, doctor decided to feed him the morphine for detenting his pains by cancers. Gradually, day by day, he got calming down after 8 aug 2014. Further, various memories/recognitions became not clear and got worse and worse.
On 14 aug 2014, there was a call from his hospital: “today, the situation of his breath is a bit of wrong. Doctor call you as a core-care person of him to explain his situation.” so, i went to the hospital to hear about his medical situation & to mention about my final decision about his life. There were no activists along his last days. Just me along his last days…so, i must force myself to decide his end of life… First of all, doctor told me:

Situation of his breath got worse and worse, and as i mentioned before, i decided to feed him the morphine for saving his cancers’ pains. Anyway, recently, he always fell in sleep over 2/3 of a day. This sleeping situation of him means his body is trying to defend worst situations on him and might be trying to save his energy for living his last days. So, anytime, anywhere, please mind that your phone might warn his last situation…

on his bed, he slept like the baby. However, a pipe of simple O2 supplyer was beside him. He often took large breathes… when a chief-nurse came and see me, she told me about his situation and flowed over a bit of her tear for him:

about 1 month might be his remaining times…right now, he doesn’t get any morphine. every times, you have come and see him from long distance place to here. So, he is always looking forward to meet you so much. Let him show your face as long as possible…

On afternoon of 21 aug 2014, when i visited him, he got the O2 masking.(O2 level 10) Ja, His situation of breath was so bad. However, suddenly he got up his body, and many times, he asked me to get up/to lay his body. many times, he tried to get rid of his O2 masking/vital device for his safe. So, i must force him to reset O2 masking on his mouth & nose many times, also i must push the “nurse-calling” many times. I really would love to let him sleep as long as possible, but, he wasted his precious energies for empty. However, he might fight against the “empty”/”meaningless”/”death”…and “not his family person(he has no family members from at least 2005)” like me… After 18:00 of 21 aug 2014, nurse brought his last dinner. His last dinner was: a bowl of gruel, a cut of fryed sea bream, boiled vegitable, miso-soup. A kindly chief nurse a little helped his dinner. She hashed a cut of fryed sea bream, and mixed on to gruel, then, a spoon of the gruel brought his mouth. He was so happy, but his breath prevented his “a bit of happy time”. O2 percent of his blood was 74-78. Nurse set his O2 masking and let him lay on his bed. For a while, he asked me to eat. So, first of all, i served him a cup of water. and carefully brought a spoon of gruel to his mouth, then, quickly i set his O2 masking again…on 3 times, he gave up to eat. He asked me to lay his body on his bed again.
For a while, despite O2 percent of his blood was 80-85, he asked me to get him up and soon asked me to lay him on his bed again and again. I felt he was so tired, so, i did not want him to do so more…however, when his cold hands grip my arms harder, i could not reject his doing and his will.

However, door-close time of the hospital came. So, i promised him to come again on next thursday, also said to him: “i will cut your foot nails, so, please look forward to see me next thursday. don’t set off your O2 masking and vital device for safe! Ok?” …ja, these promising with him never became any reality forever…

On the morning of 22 aug 2014, i must go my working place, so, on working time, my phone was silent manner-mode. 9:36, there was a call from the hospital. a nurse left her voice: mr.Y’s breath is so wrong situation. If you will be able to come here, please come & see him as soon as possible. 10:17, also there was a call from the hospital.
Same nurse left her hard voice: mr.Y’s breath stopped right now… If you will be able to come here, please visit our hospital or call to our hospital.

Around 11:00, i checked my phone, soon i called back to the hospital. Chief nurse said:
Mr.Y passed away at 10:27 of 22 aug 2014 by spreadable lang-cancers. Over 13:00, his body will be moved by a funeral-company to a temple placed at the foot of ikoma-mountain in katano. Right now, we wash his dead body…

Ja, comrade_Y passed away. At last, he could get quiet and peaceful time for ever… He fiercely fought against the enemies for him by his last, and fell on his battle field…on his way to the ideal society. 14:00 on next day, his body was cremated by hirakata-city. right now, i would love to say…is:

good fight, comrade. Here is not the front of battle fields. No one disturb your sleeping now. Also i never do so any more. Just sleep…because you finally get a peaceful time.

…Anyway, tyrannt of a company is trying to lay me off with evil intrigues/conspiracies. And so many fascist/monopoliest bastards are everywhere. So, la batalo continuos! Vi venkos!! Ni venkos!!! (a disposable daylabor) http://voiceofrebel.wordpress.com/